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"For over 20 years I have practiced exclusively in the area of family and divorce law. If you are contemplating divorce or have a post-divorce matter, you can benefit from a consultation to help inform and prepare you for what lies ahead, and together we will discuss options that work best for you. You will leave my office empowered to make the right choices and decisions allowing you to move forward in your life."
Susan Wakefield

Empowering the Self-Represented

Legal Coaching with its unique "pay-as-you-go" and "a la carte" structure makes quality legal services affordable to individuals who cannot afford to retain an attorney for full representation. Learn how to protect your rights in key areas such as division of property, retirement assets, alimony, and child support, while acquiring the knowledge and tools needed to navigate through the court system on your own. Individuals now have a place to turn for advice and guidance and where they become empowered to represent themselves effectively and with confidence.

Legal Coaching helps educate individuals about the divorce process, including court procedures, so you enter the courthouse knowing what to expect and what to say with a level of confidence you might not otherwise have.

Mediation Coaching was recently designed by me to offer divorcing couples, who are working amicably together, a unique and affordable alternative to full Mediation services. The couple will handle the parts of their case they are most comfortable with such as preparing and filing the divorce papers, organizing financial records, preparation of their financial affidavits, and discussing the parenting plan with their spouse. The couple comes to me on an as-needed basis for my legal expertise and guidance with the more complicated parts of their case which include preparing the child support guidelines worksheet, a division of assets, drafting the divorce agreement, and preparation for court conferences and the final court hearing. Mediation Coaching couples can take advantage of my Introductory Mediation Coaching Packages at discounted rates.

Our Legal Coaching and Mediation Coaching Services Include:

  • Discussing the steps involved in a divorce, post-divorce or custody matter.

  • Assistance in commencing an action, such as preparing court forms and the process of serving papers.

  • Guidance on court procedures and court etiquette.

  • Preparation of your financial affidavit, child support worksheets, motions, and court papers.

  • Learning how alimony and child support is calculated and how assets are divided.

  • Preparing you for court conferences, hearings and trial.

  • Discussing the terms and provisions of a divorce agreement.

  • Drafting and reviewing agreements and assistance with modifying or enforcing a divorce judgment.
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