Family law includes divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, parenting, paternity matters, and annulments as well as post-divorce issues such as enforcement or modification of a divorce agreement, including orders of custody, alimony or child support, and motions for contempt for violations of court orders.


The Consultation:

The time you spend during the consultation when you can share your story, the history and facts of your marriage, express your concerns and fears, and ask all the questions that have been weighing heavy on your mind, will help you make informed and educated decisions. Knowledge is power, and there is no better advantage than allowing Connecticut Legal Coaching to help you make educated choices.


At Connecticut Legal Coaching, you can obtain legal advice and guidance on an "a la carte" basis for a fraction of what it costs to retain an attorney for full representation. You remain in control of your case and legal fees at all times, and we empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate your way through the system with a much greater level of confidence and ease.

DIVORCE MEDIATION & Mediation Coaching:

Divorce mediation is a process in which divorcing spouses negotiate the terms of their settlement with the help of a neutral third party. Mediation coaching is an “a la carte” service offered for couples who only need legal expertise for a part of their case such as calculating child support, assisting in the preparation of court required financial affidavits and drafting their divorce (separation) agreement thereby significantly reducing their costs and legal fees.


The decision to mediate your divorce is a good one, both financially and emotionally. The mediator however is a neutral third party and cannot give individual advice to either party or comment on the fairness of the agreement. Therefore most individuals in the divorce mediation process choose to seek independent advice and counsel from an experienced family attorney of their choice, or an attorney recommended by the mediator. The attorney acts as your "Review Counsel" in the mediation process.


In the Collaborative process each party is represented by independent counsel and issues related to custody, parenting, support and division of assets are discussed and resolved through a series of four-way meetings between the parties and their respective counsel. The emphasis in a Collaborative process is on the attorneys and the clients working together, rather than against one another, to achieve a satisfactory settlement in an efficient, cooperative manner.


Many individuals contemplating divorce are looking for traditional full representation for their litigated family law matter. When retained by an individual for full representation, all aspects of a client's case are handled from start to finish. If an agreement cannot be reached, the case will go to trial. With full representation, the client will sign a Divorce Litigation Retainer Agreement and provide a retainer based on the complexity of their case. My approach to divorce litigation is to work cooperatively with the other side to reduce conflict and reach a prompt and cost effective settlement. There is life after divorce and I do everything possible to help my clients through this process with dignity and respect.