What is Limited Mediation Coaching?

Limited Mediation Coaching offers divorcing couples a unique and affordable alternative to full mediation services. 

The couple will do the majority of the basic work involved in their divorce action to reduce costs such as preparing their own divorce papers and the attorney mediator will provide legal expertise and guidance in specific areas such as calculating child support and alimony, preparing the child support guidelines worksheet, drafting the divorce agreement, and preparing for court conferences and the final court hearing. 

Couples manage the parts of their case they are most comfortable with which include preparing and filing the divorce papers, organizing financial records, preparation of their financial affidavits, and discussing the parenting plan with their spouse. 

What Are The Advantages of Limited Mediation Coaching?

  • The couple works together in preparing paperwork and discussing their case thereby participating in their divorce process and taking ownership of the outcome.

  • The couple seeks the advice from a third party neutral mediator to assist them with the parts of their case they both agree they need help with and continue to work together.

  • With Limited Mediation Coaching the couple “pay as they go” and can take advantage of my reduced fees when they purchase a block of hours in advance based on their anticipated needs.

  • Legal fees are reduced because the couple is only paying for the help they need.