"Susan Wakefield was a wonderful help during the complex process of navigating legal paperwork and court protocol needed to get my motion done. With her in my corner, I had a kind, patient and compassionate support person who educated and guided me from start to finish. I feel lucky to have found her - I can now move forward with my life."  CW


"Ms. Wakefield represented me during my divorce last year. I found her to be both professional and compassionate. I was particularly impressed with her honesty with her clients. Her analysis of my options and the odds of success was very objective, thus helping avoid escalating the proceedings into unnecessary and costly fights. I highly recommend her service." MW



"Susan quite simply helped me legally navigate one of the most difficult and painful times of my life. Combined with unwavering, supportive and compassionate guidance, she has provided the most professional, practical and clear legal advice leading up to, during and post divorce.
She explained the best options as they pertained to my situation, clarifying the most confusing issues, listening patiently and providing calm during the most turbulent and stressful conditions.  She helped me chart the best legal path forward and I am eternally grateful for her caring and extreme professionalism to this day." RR


“It’s been 5 years since my very ugly, messy divorce has passed and I wanted to thank you with my gratitude for all you have done for me. As you well remember you did not represent me during the three very long and excruciating litigious years in which I suffered going back and forth to court. The toll to my income and my nerves were tremendous and it was far from over after receiving an extremely vague memorandum of decision from the court! All I received from that decision was the promise of many more years of back and forth to court to settle motion upon motion with no end in sight. Thank God I found you! Your depth of knowledge and understanding allowed us to hammer out a final agreement that allowed me to look towards a future in which there was light. As I have learned from you, a person must be pragmatic in dealing with issues stemming from a divorce in order to have a future to look forward to. By doggedly understanding all the issues addressing all the details AND dealing with my ex wife's attorney effectively I do have that future to look forward to. I recommend you to anyone who asks. Thank you for being there for me.” PF